The Avantree Jogger Bluetooth stereo headset claims it is made for sports and comes in a stylish design and the ability to be splash proof for outdoor use. Manufacturers of Avantree claim that these particular headsets have high-fidelity (HD) stereo sound for music and comes with crystal clear sound for talk. Avantree also claims that the battery last for eight hours on music and nine hours on the phone.


1) The look
The headphones do look nice in the promotional products. It’s simple and looks solid. The real thing is not far from the truth as the headset looks exactly like what you see.

2) Comfort
Avantree jogger 1Avatree does claim that their Avantree Jogger headsets are comfortable, but I personally feel this is not the case. The cable that links both headphones is slightly stiff to adjust, and the earbuds are very uncomfortable. Until now, I have yet to find the perfect way for it to fit in my ear. In addition to this, the earpiece becomes slippery and contains water in the ear when used during workouts, creating an uncomfortable feeling. Removing the earpiece is not an option as finding back that ‘comfortable spot’ is difficult.

3) Sound
If you are okay with no bass, then Avantree might be the earphone for you. Noise isolation was excellent but all tunes were without any (or much) bass. For a music lover such as myself, this was a problem as I couldn’t enjoy my music to its fullest.

4) Connectivity
Avantree jogger 2It was easy to pair the Avantree Jogger with my phone and operating the headphones was easy too. Buttons worked as they should perfectly. The only problem was that my music will stop after a while, needing me to restart the song, but I am not sure if this is a problem with the headphone or my Spotify stream (which I downloaded). I can confirm now it was my Spotify, but the earphones can’t go far from it’s Bluetooth source without getting disconnected.

5) Battery & Charging
Charging is easy, but knowing when the charge is complete is an issue. The blue and red light indicator which is suppose to show when the charge is full doesn’t seem to function. The headset also doesn’t have a battery indicator so it’s really difficult to gauge how long it can actually last. From what I have experienced, it can go over two hours on one charge.

6) Price
At RM80-90 per piece, the Avantree Jogger is inexpensive if compared to other major brands out there.  Buying the headset online might give you more discounts.


Avantree jogger 3
The Avantree Jogger headphones is a basic headphone which could have been better.  While I could live with sound it produces, I personally find it uncomfortable hence making it not something I would recommend.  However, it is worth to note that the Bluetooth headphone technology is still under development, and that most wireless earphones out there will share similar traits in terms of sound, unless you are prepared to pay over RM500, but even those can be quite shitty.



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