If you are into gossips, news on artist an events, then you’d love our selected blogger this month. He calls himself Jai, and he is based in KL, but he’s originally from Sarawak. His blog is neat, purple in colour and can be regarded as one of the most updated blogs in Sarawak Bloggers. On a good day, he can update his blog up to 8 times. Yes, we know… that’s a huge amount of commitment and time, but we guess gossips doesn’t sleep.

Although most of you may think that his blog is ‘almost’ like a tabloid, featuring gossips and news on Malaysian artist, but that is exactly what makes his blog special. There are hundreds and maybe thousands of blogs about artist out there, but the fact that Jai is able to keep track and also update his blog practically daily is something extra-ordinary. Also good to note is the fact that all his post on news and artist are original with proper personal comments also featured in his post. He also gives ample credit to his sources, and this is a very good practice.

Jai also, time after time, does includes his personal rants in his blog and these rants are mostly about him covering events. So, if you have time, and you want to know news about Malaysian (and sometimes Indonesian) artist, head on to Jai’s blog at http://www.teratakarmo.com because he is our August Blogger of The Month