Sarawak youngster footballer Ashri Chuchu made it to the last 18 of the Olympic squad after impressing Ong Kim Swee during his trial.

According to news reports, Kim Swee was impressed with Ashri’s contribution and commitment when the team beat Tentera 4-2.

Ashri is the sole Sarawakian in the squad, and his inclusion in the Malaysian Olympic squad has taken the Sarawak football scene by storm. The 21 year old lad from Lawas plays a vital role in the Sarawak squad, and has been making headlines with his fast pace and ability to score goals.

Despite his rise in stature, Sarawak coach Robert Alberts has also hoped that he will improve on his performances which is deemed as lacking consistency.

Regardless, Ashri’s ability to make the final cut in the Olympic squad against Syria is a huge boost to Sarawak football, which has been on the rise since they moved up to the Super League.