When it comes to deep thoughts and rants, no one can do it better than someone drowned in coffee, and that’s the utmost reason why you should get yourself to a Coffee Girl’s blog. While her blog boast of words than photos, the main intention of every blog is clear and precise, and hence making it a worthwhile read. In fact, we believe most of her post may strike a cord in her readers as she combines her dilute sarcasm with some very interesting examples, particularly coffee.

To enjoy her blog, you’ll need to dig deep within what she’s pointing out, and we may just suggest a dictionary or an English expert sit beside you to help explain what lies beneath her blog post. This suggestion is merely because whatever she rants about, it may not be exactly what you think, but rather what is stressed in the most subtle yet interesting manner. In fact, some of her previous post have been misinterpreted due to readers failing to understand her whole point. With that said, we congratulate Ms Coffee Girl (real name hidden as requested) for having her blog: A bit of coffee & country talk, selected as our April Blog of the Month. Congratulations, and we hope this award will stop you from constantly changing domain because you now have fans =P