Apple has been losing quite a significant amount of market share of late, and the interest of its new products have somewhat not been able to gain as much ‘noise’ as it used to be. Nonetheless, the tech company is not giving up, and has introduced their latest line up of devices yesterday.

Here’s the highlights of the devices they had introduced.

1) The iPhone SE
Not sure how to feel about the name choice, but the additional ‘SE’ makes us feel like Apple is introducing a new variant of a car. Anyway, the iPhone SE looks like the iPhone 5S, but has more to shout about despite it’s small size. It boast of a 4-inch screen, has a 12-megapixel camera that can shoot 4K video, a new A9 processor, and a TouchID sensor with support for Apple Pay. It goes to sell at US399 this coming 24th in the US.

2) A smaller iPad Pro
Not sure what is going on here, but Apple decided their iPad Pro was a little too big, hence they decided it should be shrunk. The new iPad Pro comes with a 9.7-inch screen and contains all the amazing features of the iPad Air. It comes at US599 for the base configuration.

3) iOS 9.3 made available
As usual, APple has also decided to release their latest update of the iOS which is being distributed to iPhones and iPads starting today. The new iOS 9.3 brings a number of enhancements to 3D Touch, TouchID, CarPlay, and the new Night Shift mode.
Apple watch
4) Same watch, more bands, new price
Apple has also decided to increase the number of bands for their Apple Watch, while at the same time decreasing the price of their smartwatch. Now it is priced at US300, lower by US50 previously.  Now, you can get the Apple watch at a lower price, at the colour you want.

5) New tvOS
Those using the AppleTV can also expect an update of their operating system which now supports voice dictation.

Aside from the above, Apple also keenly stressed on security, how they help protect the environment, and its all improved health app.  Loving the new updates from Apple?


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