KUALA LUMPUR – The 901 Free Anwar Gathering at the Jalan Duta Court Complex has begun with those participating coming into the allocated parking area for the gathering. Among them are Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Karpal Singh, Azmin Ali, student activist Adam Adli, R. Sivarasa, Datuk S. Ambiga, A. Samad Said and Maria Chin Abdullah.

The police are reported to be polite while checking those coming into the compound. Banners are also spotted. Police has estimated the number to be close to 10,000. A prayer recital was also initiated by an unknown man, and court workers have been instucted to use the back door to get into the court.

At 8:30AM, Anwar arrived at the complex, and was greeted with chants of ‘reformasi’.

Anwar is expected to know his verdict over the charge of sodomizing Mohd Saiful Bukhari today. The decision is likely to effect the Pakatan Rakyat coalition drastically.