The inaugural Asia Music Festival (AMF) will be held on the 4th and 5th October 2013 at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club in Miri.

It has been an arduous task for the organiser, Sarawak Tourism Board to select bands for this inaugural festival due to the tremendous interest expressed in this first ever Music Festival featuring only Asian bands.

One of the bands expected to attract attention is Anthony Dassan Yen Party. Originating from Reddypalayam, a small town in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, Anthony Daasan is a real folk artist. He is not just a singer for the group but also dances on stage, acts, juggle, does acrobatics and even plays a few instruments. He has his own style and wherever he performs, be it in international festivals all over the world or in villages, his unique style draws people to him.

Anthony travels and performs with his Band “Anthony in Party”. The performances in their song and dance, which incorporates the Folk music of Tamil Nadu conjures images of the flowing Vaigai and Poigai rivers and of rich rice harvests brought into the granaries in carts.

Anthony usually sporting his characteristic bandana and urumi (a traditional double headed folk drum from Tamil Nadu) on a sling will always prove that he is the man of the show with his dance-music performance, cheeky onstage banter and infallible energy.

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