The initial testing of the Android Oreo for the Xiaomi MiA1 a few weeks back, it looks like Oreo is ready to be rolled out as I received a notification saying my phone is getting the latest Android.

Checks on the MIUI forum reveal that the updated Android has already been released for public installation yesterday, and many more will be getting the update in the next few days.

To get the update, make sure you own the Xiaomi MiA1, and better opt to be in a unlimited WIFI zone as the update is over 1GB and that’s a lot of data.

Android Oreo Update for MIA1
Android Oreo Update for MIA1

If you have not received the Android Oreo update notification, be patient because is its indeed coming, but in batches, likely based on country.

Currently, the MiA1 which I reviewed a few months back is selling at RM805 (USD200) on GearBest with free delivery, or at RM979 from a local Malaysian store on Lazada Malaysia.