The latest version of Android, and also Windows Phone will have a factory reset button button, also known as a ‘kill switch’ reports PCWorld.

According to PCWorld, the move was made after more than a year of pressure with Apple’s iPhone already boasting such function.

The introduction of the ‘kill switch’, which is used to remotely lock or delete your smartphone, has proved to decrease theft of iPhones by 30 percent in the US.

This was due to the fact that the smartphone becomes useless after the kill switch was activated, and it can only be fully functional with the owner reactivating it.

There has so far been no mention of what PCWorld meant by the ‘latest version of Android’, although a huge overhaul of Android is expected considering the fact that a ‘kill switch’ would involve shutting down your smartphone entirely.

Despite that, having a ‘kill switch’ for your android powered device is really something really good to have.


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