Google has also made some announcements about about their latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and the new features with the Android 4.3 bringing in more software enhancements and new experience for gaming, multi-user functionality and so on.

In Android 4.3 is, multi-user options have an added feature which now allows restricted profiles. This means that you can add certain restriction to some of the profiles.

The Bluetooth Smart technology also got an upgrade, as it now only needs low power to operate, unlike yesteryear’s where it practically drains every bit of your power source.

The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will be available out of the box for the new generation Nexus 7 tablet. As for the older Nexus devices, below are the following devices which will be getting the Android 4.3 rollout:

  • Nexus 7 1st gen
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 10
  • Galaxy Nexus

The Android 4.3 rollout will start today for the devices above.

HTC One Google Edition and Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, these devices will also be getting their update very soon.