AMP Kuching based radio stations entertain Pandelela


All three radio stations under AMP Network in Kuching entertained diving star Pandelela Rinong today with each station having a wonderful 30 minutes interview with the 19 year old Bidayuh girl.

The fun filled sessions saw Afick of ERAfm Kuching charming Pandelela with heart melting pick-up lines, while Mmmeng and Natasha of Hitz Kuching did the popular’gangnam style’ dance with the athelete for almost three minutes in which Pandelela showed her talent in doing tha famous dance.

Mmmeng also managed to score himself a date this Saturday with Pandelela after his ‘game-on face’ melted the bronze Olympic medalist to say yes.

At Myfm, Pandelela spoke Mandarin to the announcers as she calmly answered their questions.

Aside from knowing Pandelela better, the interviews also had Pandelela play the traditional congkak game, with Afick of ERA, and a prank call to squash champion Azlan Iskandar made everyone at the office smile from ear to ear. The prank call can be heard on ERAfm Kuching at 5:30PM, 30 August 2012.

For photos of the whole thing, check out our Facebook page.