A new prepaid voice, sms and data service provider has decided to expand its wings to Sarawak over the weekend, and was largely noticeable during the Sarawak Regatta.

The telecommunication company known as Altel,  is under the Al-Bukhary Group, and it plans to grow itself to be on par with major telcos in the coming years as it looks into building its own telecommunication towers, and partnership with numerous other existing telco.

The telco is also keen to offer LTE services to its customers and has targeted to enter the Sarawak market by using Celcom’s extensive coverage in the state.

Apart from a low priced starter kit (only RM7!), the Altel is also going head to head with other telcos which are prominent in the Sarawak region by offering competitive call and sms rates as you can see below.

Altel promo pricing
Altel promo pricing

Their massive appearance in the recent Sarawak Regatta was also believed to be a branding exercise in which they look to introduce their services to the masses.  It is understood that Altel also sponsored the Sarawak Regatta.

It would be interesting to know what Altel has to offer in coming years as the telecommunication market in Malaysia is never too small for a new player.

Have you heard of Artel? Any chance you are on them? Do share your experience in the comment section below.


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