Google is now owned by a company known as Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet would be a collection of companies with Google playing centre stage in it, although it was revealed that Google would focus solely on the internet. This means companies which are not exactly related to the internet, such as Calico (which focuses on longevity) would be moved under Alphabet.

The move is said to allow Google, or rather Aplhabet to focus on better on management of its companies with each company (Google included), having a reliable and capable leader for it to move forward and grow.

The only unfortunate thing about Aphabet Inc is that it will not own the domain as BMW had dibs over the name years ago and has been reported to be uninterested to sell what they claim to be ‘an important part of their company’. That said Alphabet we see, was somehwat ‘forced’ to use another domain, which is htt://, which is still quite cool!