Malaysia’s Datuk Lee Chong Wei shrugged off his arm injury to match mighty Lin Dan of China in the first set of the 2012 All England Open Men’s Single, held at Birmingham.  However, the Chinese took the first set 21-19 to lead 1-0 at the first set.

The breather saw Chong Wei consult the game doctor over a clear injury patch on his right arm for some medication.  Despite what could be seen as a severe injury, Chong Wei continued for the second set after some ‘cold spray’ was applied.

Lin Dan capitalized on Chong Wei’s injury in the second set as he aimed his shots to the left of Chong Wei forcing the Malaysian to do numerous back hand replies. The back hand replies seemed to have extended the arm injury as Chong Wei yet again called on the game doctor before gallantly continuing play.

With the game at 6-2 favoring Lin Dan, an obvious distraught Chong Wei decided to retire the game, hence giving Lin Dan the All England title.

In the post game comments, Lin Dan commented that he is happy to finally win the All England, and said that the first set was good.  He also said that he hoped to meet Chong Wei in the Olympics and that Chong Wei’s injury is not serious.

In other games, Li Xuerui made a sweeping upset when she defeated the Women’s World Number One player Wang Yihan 2-0 21-13, 21-19.

In the mixed doubles, Indonesian Tontowi Ahmad & Lilyana Natsir  ensured that Indonesia will not come home empty from the All England after defeating Dannish pair Thomas Laybourn & Kamilla Rytter Juhl 21-17, 21-19.

Another surprising result saw Tian Quing & Zhao Yunlei of China defeating their countrywoman Wang Xiaoli & Yu Yang whom is also the number one women’s double pair 17-21, 12-17.

A thrilling encounter between China’s Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng and Korean’s Jung Jae Suns & Lee Yong Dae then progressed with both teams winning one set each with the third set clearly owned by Jung Jae Suns & Lee Yong Dae to give the Koreans a deserved victory.

As for 2410 hours local time (+8 GMT), the full results are as follows:

    1. Women’s Single [1] Wang Yihan (Chn) v [7] Li Xuerui (Chn) :
      —Li Xuerui[Chn] wins 2-0 (21-13, 21-19) 
    2. Mixed Double [4] Tontowi Ahmad & Lilyana Natsir (Ina) v [8] Thomas Laybourn & Kamilla Rytter Juhl (Den):
      Tontowi Ahmad & Lilyana Natsir wins [Ina] 2-0 (21-17, 21-19)
    3. Women’s Double [1] Wang Xiaoli & Yu Yang (Chn) v [2] Tian Quing & Zhao Yunlei (Chn) :
      —Tian Quing & Zhao Yunlei [Chn] win 2-0 (17-21, 12-21)
    4. Men’s Double [1] Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng (Chn) v [2] Jung Jae Suns & Lee Yong Dae (Kor) :
      Jung Jae Suns & Lee Yong Dae [Kor] won 1-2 (23-21, 9-21, 14-21)
    5. Men’s Single [1] Lee Chong Wei (Mas) v [2] Lin Dan (Chn) :
      Lin Dan [Chn] won 1-0 (19-21, 2-6). Lee Chong Wei retires due to injury