Sarawak FA coach Robert Alberts has commented that he would like match officials in the Malaysian Super League (MSL) to adhere to ‘fair play’ in the game. He said so in the ‘comment’ section in the official Sarawak Football Association site:

An obvious upset Alberts stated that “Once again it was extremely frustrating to observe what happened during the match on the field. And there is nothing I can do about it! And it is even more frustrating that technical people, like coaches as myself, are not allowed or even comment on anything regarding the beautiful game in our beautifully country.

The Dutchman also said that he doesn’t mind loosing to a better team as it would make his team stronger as they would learn from the defeat.  However he hoped that Malaysia will have honest and creditable match officials that are doing the job right, as that is called ‘fair play’.

He further stated that with his 30 year experience in football, he can honestly observe what is happening on the field and how results can be manipulated,  adding that he wonders how ‘fair’ is when he can see injustice, but is not able to say anything about it.

Alberts in the article also thanked the fans for being behind Sarawak despite being locked outside of the stadium while ending his comments by quoting fans whom said “They (football authorities) can stop us from going to the stadium but they can never stop our spirit.

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