Oppo has been creating quite a wave in the Sarawak market, which we believe is also quite a equal to the impact it has made in the Malaysian market as a whole.

The Chinese brand has come out strong and their entry offering to the Malaysian market is the Oppo N1. Offered at RM1798, the phone is ridiculously equipped with some top notch specifications such as a 1.7Ghz Quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, a 13 megapixel twist-able camera (which means your selfies would be amazing!), a 5.9-inch screen and a massive 3610mAh battery.

For the price, you are really getting a huge bargain because it offers you not only the best specifications in terms of hardward, but also a proper ceramic back panel which to us makes the phablet feel a whole lot classier.

Well, tech blog Amanz.my took a look at the phone, and gave some very interesting reviews. To them, the Oppo N1 advantages include:

  • its amazing built quality
  • awesome customizsation from the colourOS which is based on Android 4.2
  • the 13 Megapixel turnable camera
  • CynogenMod based ROMS are well supported by the phablet

Of course with good, there is always bad, and the ones noted by Amanz.my were:

  • the size is too big and this makes it difficult to carry
  • The O Touch panel is buggy
  • No expandable memrory slots
  • No LTE ability

For us, it is a pretty balanced opinion by Amanz.my, although their stance on the phablet’s battery life does contradict with TechCruch in which the later said that the N1 had a good battery life, against Amanz.my which said it was just average.

Oppo N1 is already sold around Sarawak and our brief test over the counter did impress us quite a bit.  However, the time we had to use it was limited, and it would be unfair for us to tell you if we find the phone worthy of a buy.

Despite that however, does the phone tempt you enough? Do let us know.