The Huawei Honor 3C is turning heads in Malaysia with the smartphone priced at RM499 is giving more branded smartphones a run for their money.

A basic 1.3 GHz quad-core processor powers this smartphone, with 2GB of RAM ensuring all task on the Honor 3C is done without a lag. The 8GB internal storage is also complemented with a microSD expansion slot, while the main camera comes with an exceptional 8 megapixel. Selfies can also be more amazing with the Honor 3C as the front camera itself boast of 5 Megapixel. The battery of this 5″ LCD screen is 2300mAh.

According to which tested the phone, the Huawei Honor 3C does have its edge such as:

  • Good choice for an entry smartphone.
  • Dual-sim capabilities with additional microSD storage capacity. Most dual-sim phones do not have expandable memory.
  • A lot of colour choices for the back cover
  • Impressive camera for an entry smartphone
  • Good pricing for a quad core processor phone, with 2GB RAM
  • Smooth usage without any noticeable lags

Nonetheless, the phone does come with several disadvantages which include:

  • The absence of a ‘backlight’ might cause difficulty in usage during the night
  • Despite its dual-sim option, only one slot can support a 3G simcard.
  • Poor battery life: 5 hours on heavy use, 11.5 hours on normal use.
  • Heated if used for sometime.

We do not have a test unit of ourself, so we can’t actually corroborate the information. Nonetheless, we are keen that Huawei will further improve their products, and may soon be a major player in the smartphone industry, thanks to their kick-ass price.