A melting pot of Malaysian culture at RMWF


15th edition of Rainforest World Music Festival could be among the culmination of musical career for Sitar Maestro, Samuel J Dass from Kuala Lumpur. His flying fingers and sensitive treatment of all the nuances in playing the sitar has earned him deep respect as well as winning him 7 gold medals and 1 silver for all the categories he took part in the World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, USA.

He has done much for Hindustani music in Malaysia, infusing both classical and contemporary genres. There is a deep understanding of the melting pot of Malaysian culture that is in his compositions. He performs at the Rainforest World Music Festival with virtuoso tabla player, Prakash on Sunday Night, 15 July.

Lets take a journey into the heart of Indian music with one of the world’s greatest sitarists, Samuel Dass and Prakash. Experience the daytime musical workshop and intimate evening at the RWMF which will be held this weekend (13 – 15 July) at the Sarawak Cultural Village.