Basketball is a lovely game – it works very well on your stamina, focus and at least keeps you off the couch. For those who have ever watched a game of basketball, it is assumed that being tall, strong and quick on one’s feet is the key to winning the game.

However, this does not always hold true. One needs, in addition to physical attributes, a considerable amount of skill. Drills are an important part of developing these skills.

Here are six of them that really work well on one’s capabilities as a player.

1. Under Pressure

The aim of this drill is to allow players to have better control over their skills when in a game that is by all means, tense. In times of nervousness or in trying to fend off rival players, it is common to miss a shot. Involving two players, of which one stands under the basket and the other at the corner of the court, it is required to shoot the ball into the basket with just one pass. The arrangement is the most common one adapted by players when they wish to score a basket.

2. One Hand Form Shooting Drill

This is one of the most basic techniques taught to beginners, but it always comes back as a lovely foundation practice. When you learn how to shoot a basketball, you must know how to do it with precision. This drill is the simplest, yet most effective, requiring you to fire the ball right through the basket using just your shooting hand. The use of both hands is not permitted nor is taking any form of support to enhance the shot.

3. All Over the Place

This is a drill involving cones and focus. The player shoots a ball in the direction of the basket, standing near a single cone. As the ball travels to the basket and passes through it, the player should have moved to another cone to receive the ball. At the end of the drill, the ball should have been thrown from all the ten cones, allowing a complete practice from all ends of the court.

4. Machine Gun Method

In basketball, the machine gun method requires the involvement of a set shot technique or jump shot technique. It involves three players, with one placed below the basket, another near the foul line and the third between the positions of the key and sideline. It is important to try and get as many baskets as possible from the formation, which may then be replicated in a match. Misses would eventually break the formation, proving that practice is required. This drill helps improve team coordination and arrangement.

5. Left to Right Method

Aimed to improve the set and jump skills of a basketballer, in this drill, one player places oneself under the basket, while the other stands at a distance, beginning to run across, in order to receive a pass. If the pass is missed, it means that coordination within the team is weak and needs work. The drill is repeated often in practice, to allow different players to adapt to each other’s throwing techniques. It minimizes errors and helps the team manage better.

6. Lie Down and Relax

This is a shot drill meant to improve your ability to shoot right into the basket. It involves just one player, who must lie down on the floor on his or her back with the ball above the shooting shoulder. If the shot is taken properly, the ball will pass through the basket and bounce back to return to the player’s hands. Of the many health benefits from playing basketball, this drill mainly improves concentration.

Basketball is a game that tests your skill, sight and concentration. It needs one to be plan ahead for a potential shot. If you’ve ever believed in the concept of telepathy, this is one good place where you will need it the most. From NBA to local college matches, everybody enjoys this highly challenging sport. These drills only let one be better at a game that has fascinated sports lovers over several games and still continue to do so.


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