To be fairly honest, there is no need for me to come up with this article really because I would jump onto Unifi the moment it’s available in my area, but for those still thinking twice, here’s the five reasons you need to sign up for Unifi.

unifi speed
30-50 Mbps worth of juice for your daily use! No more buffering, no more stalled content and disconnection. It’s just sleek internet surfing on a daily basis. With 30Mbps, you can download movies in seconds, update your software or hardware patches in seconds and do so much more!

Yes, TM has bundled their HyppTV with the new TM Unifi packages, which is really a bummer because I figure they could charge cheaper rates for the package without the inclusion HyppTV. But since it’s already bundled, might as well enjoy the ‘free’ TV channels included. At RM179/month (not inclusive of GST and this is a promo price), you can choose between HyppTV Aneka or HyppTV Varnam Pack, and enjoy 30Mbps download rates. If the channels are not enough, get yourself an Android TV Box which gives you hundreds of channels, or just sign up for iflix for RM96/year! The amount you spend collectively on these would still be much much lower than paying for any cable TV!

unifi unlimited
Unlike most internet data plans out there, TM is offering Unifi (for now) at without any data quota. This means you can surf worry free as long as you pay the monthly fee. Other telcos in Malaysia do claim to offer you ‘unlimited’ internet, but they actually cap your usage in the fine print. So far, top speeds are assured on a monthly basis when you use Unifi.

unifi cables
Okay, this might seem like it’s similar to point #1, but it isn’t. The biggest problem with TM Streamyx was connection. Since it’s transmission was using copper wires, many places in Malaysia suffered massive phone and internet connectivity whenever copper craving thieves carted away TM’s cables. With Unifi, these incidents will be isolated or non-existent because Unifi uses fiber optics. Fiber optics doesn’t only allow faster connectivity, but also doesn’t have any market value as scrap. That means, thieves will ignore TM’s Unifi lines so disconnection due to cable theft would be minimized.

unifi 1
The internet provides us limitless opportunities and TM has been smart to capitalize on this. With the ‘All New Unifi plan’, one could add-on numerous services which in turn will see you saving more. If you are not keen to add -on and pay more, you can still stick to whatever package you have signed up for, and enjoy limited free calls, free TM Wifi connection and HyppTV on two devices, just to name a few.

Just to note however, TM is imposing a 24-month contract with any new Unifi sign-up, but for now, it does look like a good package especially since TM recently increased the upload quota for Unifi.


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