There are numerous webhosting service providers in Malaysia, and perhaps millions of providers around the world, but here, I am listing some of my most preferred, based on my experience with these hosting companies.  Mind you that my information is accurate at the time this post is published, but it can change in the future.

Arguably one of the best web hosting services in Malaysia, Data KL has made a name for itself in being one of the most reliable web hosting service providers, with comparable cost. Their cheapest webhosting package (DataMini) comes with whopping 5GB storage space, and a 35GB bandwidth, and it is priced at a minimal RM90. Their customer service is reliable and they do a weekly backup on their servers. They have been around for quite sometime, and have earned praise for what they continue to deliver. I previously hosted with them because of their services, but with me hosting numerous blogs, I decided to go for a cheaper hosting service provider, namely CYNET (review is below).
Cheapest package details: 5GB storage space, 35GB data transfer, 1 domain, unlimited database, unlimited emails, unlimited sub-domains, pre-installed scripts
Price of cheapest package: RM95 (excluding domain)
Main advantages: Fast service, huge storage and data transfer

Probably one of the best well known web hosting service providers in Malaysia, Exabytes stands out with its reliable service and frequent promotions. Their cheapest package (EBiz Beginner) comes at RM39 with 1GB space and 1GB bandwidth. You can add in 1 email account only, but for the price offered, you shouldn’t complaint. Domain registration comes at RM55, but they tend to have domain name promotion with domain name prices plunging to a mere RM0.99 only! Famed for reliability, and also the fact they always sponsor massive events, Exabytes is indeed one of the most popular webhosting providers in South East Asia!
Cheapest package details: 1GB storage space, 1GB data transfer, 1 domain, 1 database, 1 email, pre-installed scripts
Price of cheapest package: RM39 (excluding domain)
Main advantages: Well established and well known webhosting brand. Has a lot of other services, making contact for other services easy.

JomHosting is indeed the cheapest out there with packages starting at only RM25/year for a hosting plan which includes 500MB space and 10GB bandwidth. They are probably the cheapest web hosting service company in the world, and that alone makes them very popular among bloggers who just started. Nonetheless, the low price does come with small storage, and if you are planning to blog for sometime, investing in a bigger webhosting service, or a bigger package, might be advisable.
Cheapest package details: 500MB storage space, 10GB data transfer, 2 domain, 3 database, 5 email, pre-installed scripts
Price of cheapest package: RM60 (excluding domain)
Main advantages: Very cheap

ServerFreak is considered one of the best hosting companies by many. They are offering a special student price package at RM99 per year inclusive of domain name, which makes it a good bundle for anyone who would like to start a new website. With the package, you can expect to create 10 email accounts, 1GB server space and 5GB band width. Scripts for numerous web scripts including for WordPress are also made available. Do note that the student package is for students only.
Cheapest package details: 1GB storage space, 5GB data transfer, 1 domain, 5 database, 10 email, pre-installed scripts
Price of cheapest package: RM99 (including one domain) – must register with college email address.
Main advantages: Has multiple services, including VPN.

CYNET has been my favoured web-hosting company since the past three years, in which I switched from Data KL.  Not that Data KL was not good, but CYNET was a lot cheaper to use.  Aside from that, CYNET has been very helpful in addressing numerous problems related to my hosting, and they offer fast response for any problems I’ve encountered.  They also have a firewall pre-installed into their servers, enabling your site to be secure from any unwanted cyber attacks.  I have always  CYNET also offers many different payment gateways, hence making it easy for me to make payment for any purchase I’ve made.
Cheapest package details: 1GB storage space, 1GB data transfer, 1 domain, 1 database, 1 email, pre-installed scripts
Price of cheapest package: RM30 (excluding domain)
Main advantages: Plenty of payment options, very reliable & offers 10% discounts if using this link.

I have tried and tested the five hosting companies above and I highly recommend them. However, if you are asking which is my preferred, it would definitely by Exabytes and DataKL since I’ve used both for quite sometime.

What hosting company are you using? Care to share your experience?


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