4th Mile bus terminal closes down


The 4th Mile bus terminal which has served the people since 1992 sent off it’s last bus at 10:30PM last Monday as all bus operators have finally agreed to move to the new state of the art Kuching Sentral some ten minutes away.

It was reported that some bus operators have finally agreed to move despite having dissatisfaction on the terms of their move into Kuching Sentral.

The open air bus terminal was well liked by many as it was near to the city, and has served its purpose due to it’s locality.¬† Bus drivers have also commended the terminal for being easy to access despite the heavy Penrissen Road traffic.

Regardless of that, the new Kuching Sentral is expected to give passengers a more comfortable place to take  regional based buses as it is not only air conditioned, but also modern.

Photo by Uncle Awang.