Late last night, news broke that Malaysia Airlines (MAS) lost another plane. This time, it was a KL bound flight from the Netherlands.

All 298 passengers are feared to have died, with numerous ‘on the ground’ reports suggesting similar fate to the passengers. The Malaysian Government has confirmed the plane is lost, and that they are working around the clock to do what they can.

Reports had arise online that the plane was shot down, but the ones said to be responsible, have since denied their involvement, even though it was reported that the rebels in Ukraine have previously boast of shooting a plane in the area where MH17 was last detected.

MAS, still grieving and recovering after the lost MH370 will not face stiffer challenges as they try to regain the trust of the market. The flag carrier of Malaysia which had reported massive losses in their financial reports, even prior to the lost of MH370, now looks more likely to not survive this latest tragedy as their trade value and stocks go lower than ever.

While many are now praying for the families, friends and also those on board MH17, let us not forget the possible fate of our dear Malaysia Airlines. Several news portals have already claimed that no airline has suffered such a massive blow within a very short time, and this would likely strain MAS even further as a company.

It is therefore my hope that many, Malaysians especially, will continue to support MAS during this hard times because this Malaysian airline should not be faulted for something beyond their control, especially since they have made us Malaysians, a proud lot to see them going beyond everyone expectations when you do fly with them.