MIRI: About 14,000 litres of oil, reported to be for road construction in Miri City spilled into Liku River, which is said to be one of the main sources for fresh water in the city.  How the spill happened remains a question, but some sources have said it was due to poor safe-keeping of the fuel barrels used.

The spillage has forced the authorities concerned to close down Miri’s Water Treatment Plant hence making over 300,000 Mirians having the possibility of suffering from water shortage in the coming days.

Unofficial sources over social media Facebook and Twitter revealed that the Works Department has mobilized their units to help supply water to affected areas which include Permyjaya, Piasau and Krokop. It was also reported that Mirians are making long queues at major supermarkets to stock up drinking water.

We hope the situation will be rectified by those responsible as soon as possible, and hope the damage will not go further than it already is.