13-year-old girl gang raped in Lundu


A 13-year-old girl from Kpg Bokah, Lundu lodged a police report on Tuesday night after she was allegedly gang-raped by her boyfriend and his friends sometime in August this year.

Prior to lodging the report, the victim had complained about having constant pain in her private part to her relative. Worried about the victim’s health condition, the relative then asked her what had happened but she refused to say anything to the relative.

Sensing something amiss, the relative took the victim to Lundu Police Station where she was later taken to the hospital for medical checkup. During the check-up, the medical officer discovered a growth in the victim’s private part.

After being questioned, the victim finally admitted she was gang-raped by her boyfriend and his friends.

Lundu Police chief, DSP Wong Chee Keong confirmed receiving the report when contacted and said the police were now looking for the victim’s boyfriend who is in his late teens.

He also said the victim had been admitted to the hospital for further check-up.

Source: New Sarawak Tribune