Smartphone are an essential nowadays and they are probably the closest gadget to you in your daily life.

The importance of a smartphone is never an understatement, and hence why there is a vital need to choose the right phone, at the right price, so that you can get task done, which most of the time goes beyond just making a phone call or sending a text.

To help you choose a smartphone, I’ve decided to give you ten of quick tips to choose a smartphone as elaborated below.

1) Android over Apple

Apple fans will disagree with me, but I think Android provides you more flexibility when it comes to work and play.  No doubt Android phones are considered more vulnerable to viruses and malware compare to iPhones, but then they are also cheaper, easier to replace, and Android has improved their security over the years, especially with Android O.

2) Don’t pay more than RM2K

There’s many smartphones our there that cost so much less, but can equal branded flagship brands. That said, save more by paying less for a phone. Branded smartphones may seem worth it at the moment it’s released, but it is likely that you will want to replace the phone after a couple of years.  That said, get an equal non branded smartphone below RM2,000 because when the time comes to change your phone, you won’t hesitate.

3) Get the right size

Bigger screens doesn’t often mean better.  The bigger the screen, the more you need to hold on too.  I personally dislike bulky phones, and hence why I prefer not going for anything beyond 5.5-inch in size.  Smaller screen phones are easy to hold, but you may have problems reading messages.  I think the Samsung Galaxy S8 however is just right despite being slightly above the size I recommend, perhaps due to it being long.

4) Ignore camera megapixels

5) Put priority into speed

6) Make sure it’s over 3,000mAh

7) A minimum 32GB storage

8) Look into screen size and quality

9) Processors do not matter much

10) Forget about brands