Video of man causing havoc in electronic outlet in Sabah goes viral on youtube

An unhappy man going ‘amok’ in an electronic outlet in Karamunsing, Sabah has gone viral over social media, particularly the facebook.

According to the description under the video, the man was furious over the outlet which he claims to be a ‘cheater’, while constantly calling for the manager of the store to come out. In the process of destroying the property in the outlet, he constantly spilled out vulgar words.

To contain the man, about 3-4 security officers in blue were seen to be deployed to the outlet, but they were seen standing while the man continued his destruction of the outlet chairs.

The video description on youtube also advised buyers to be careful of purchases made over the store, saying that the outlet is unprofessional and sell items at higher prices. It also advised it’s viewers to check out the outlet’s official page to check complaints made over the outlet.

The incident seemed to be planned as the video was captured from the start of the incident. The man in the video also made it clear that the video of the whole incident will be uploaded to facebook to humiliate the store.

It is however not clear if there is any truth in the claims made by both the man in the video and the youtube posting.



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