Short blog contest

Up to RM800 cash for best short blogs!

If you are seeking instant cash, and you own a blog, here’s your chance!!

Sarawak Bloggers, together with OurYouth.My and Conquerors Vision Sdn Bhd is organizing a ‘Short blog contest’ with cash prizes of up to RM800 for grabs!

All you need to do is write a blog post, or multiple blog post with the title : “What youth want: (Insert your needs as a youth)“, and end it (your blog post) with the following sentence (including the hyperlinks): “Sarawak Bloggers and are catalyst of the future of Sarawak and Malaysia“.

Publish the post, and send us the hyperlink using the form below.


That’s about it.  Please also ensure you ‘LIKE’ the Sarawak Bloggers and page, because we may want to tag you when we tell the world about your post. You could also send an email with your details and your link to

One last thing, you should be between15-40 years of age.

For more details, visit us on Facebook or Twitter:@swkblogs.

We strongly advise you to read and download the fine print of the terms and conditions on the competition which is available for downloading here.



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Loves gadgets and staying up-to-date with technology trends and social media. Sometimes reviews gadgets and telco packages because he has nothing else better to do.

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