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#TwtUpKch short-listed for DiGi WWWOW Awards

The organizers of Tweet-Up Kuching (#TwtUpKCH) have received an email from the organizers of the DiGi WWWOW Awards 2012 stating that the event held in The Sping Mall Kuching last year has been short-listed as the top ten social media events for the award.

Sarawak Bloggers in releasing the news tweeted that “#TwtUpKCH achieved yet another unexpected feat today because of the amazing support given by all of you. The event made it to the Final 10 of the DiGi WWWOW Awards 2012. This is not Sarawak Bloggers achievement, it is our (all of you reading this) achievement!

The Digi WWWOW Awards Finals will be held on 9 June 2012, and it is understood that another tweet-up event called #TwtUpKASEH also made the short list.

Organizing chairman of #TwtUpKCH Cyril Dason confirmed that there will be another #TwtUpKCH this year.



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