#TwtUpKch Nominated For Social Media Gathering of the Year

#TwtUpKch Nominated For Social Media Gathering of the Year

Tweet-Up Kuching 2011, also known as #twtupkch 2011 was revealed as a nominee for the Social Media Gathering of the Year under the WWWOW Awards.

The nomination email (pic) was received by the Sarawak Bloggers coordinating team in an email dated 9 March 2012.

A clearly excited Fahri (@fahriee) whom is the Ast. Organizing Chairman of #twtupkch said that the nomination was indeed unexpected, and he was simply excited over the unexpected nomination. Cyril (@cyrildason) whom heads the #twtupkch committee also shared similar sentiment, as he added that #Twtupkch is an event that happened because of the wonderful people of Kuching, and any achievement regarding the event should be shared with the people of Kuching whom had supported the event.

Partners of #TwtUpKch 2011 also shared their excitement over the nomination with The Collective’s big boss, whom also happens to be part of the organizing committee Fazli (@fazlitaufek) saying that his team is proud to be part of event.

#TwtUpKch 2011 was organized by Sarawak Bloggers with the tagline ‘By Friends, for friends, and to make new friends’. It recorded over 419 attendees when it was held last December and plans to have yet another #twtupkch for the year 2012 is on-going.

The WWWOW Awards on the other hand is considered one of the most established social media awards in Malaysia.



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