Mohammad Ghaddar, Kelantan: Source

Sime Darby 0 -1 Kelantan: Red Warriors champions of Malaysian FA Cup

Kelantan FA fought out a gallant KL Sime Darby FC side to come out on top and win the Malaysian FA Cup through a penalty goal by Mohammed Ghaddar.

The game saw the Kelantan side dominating with Sime Darby relying too much on their foreign import Partick Ronaldinho for their attacks.

Kelantan pinned their opponents throughout the game with quality football as they pressed hard to penetrate a very stubborn defence of Sime Darby.

Their hard work paid off handsomely when Mohammed Ghaddar slotted in a penalty in the 56th minute, giving the Red Warriors just enough to be declared champions of the Malaysian FA Cup for the first time.

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