Sarawak maidens

Sarawakians celebrate Gawai Dayak

Sarawakians of all walks of life celebrate Gawai Dayak today with visits to friends and relatives.

For the Dayak community, the festivities are merrier as family and friends return back to their villages to enjoy the harvest festival in full tradition.

Major cities in Sarawak were noticeably quiet as the city folks resorted to go home for the holidays, and take advantage of the long weekend.

Some malls in Kuching however have decided to do their soft openings on the first of June.

With that said, we would like to wish all readers of Sarawak Bloggers News Tribune, and all bloggers under the Sarawak Bloggers network a blessed and joyous Gawai Dayak.

Oooohhhh haaaaaaa!!!!!!



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