RWMF, Rainforest world music Festival

RWMF ticket sales at AZAM’s event at Boulevard this Friday

Festival goers will have the chance to make advance purchases of Rainforest World Music Festival entrance ticket at the new Wing of the Boulevard Shopping Mall, here on Friday, July 6 from 5.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

A spokesman from the project committee said that this would give opportunity for festival goers to make early purchase and to avoid last minute queuing at the Festival entrance during the festival days.

He reiterated that festival goers should avoid last minute ticket purchases at the entrance ground as a huge crowd will be anticipated during the festival days and thus to minimize congestion at the entrance of the festival site. ‘We anticipate a ‘full House’ on Saturday night as experienced during past years and as such we strongly advise advance purchase of tickets’, he added.

A booth will be set up at the mall, where tickets priced at RM 110 for a day pass and RM 300 for a three day pass will be sold. Malaysia Airlines Enrich card members will also have the opportunity to purchase tickets at a 30% discount at the booth.

This special sales campaign is held in conjunction with the Angkatan Zaman Mansang’s (AZAM) Post Gawai Showcase. Various local native events, such as “Batak Lamoung” Bibat Lengan, and cultural dances will be showcased at the event.



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