Parents blamed by Health Department

Parents blamed by Health Department

Lack of awareness among parents has been identified as a factor contributing to poor control of the hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), said Sarawak Health Department director Dr Zulkifli Jantan.

He urged parents not to send their children who displayed HFMD symptoms to school or take them to crowded areas, and to seek medical attention early.

Schools, on the other hand, should continue daily screening of children upon arrival and refer those afflicted with HFMD for further assessment by medical practitioners.

“Generally, the number of cases reported in Sarawak during the past week (from Aug 12-17) has decreased by 32 per cent and remains below the outbreak and warning levels, with no closure order being served on any institution,” he said in a statement here today, on the weekly HFMD updates in the state.

Dr Zulkifli said, as of yesterday, the number of new cases reported was 138, as compared to 203 in the previous week, with 26 admissions reported, mostly from Sibu, Miri and Kuching.

So far, the cumulative number of cases reported was 10,794, including 1,048 admissions throughout the state.

Source: Bernama



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