Pandelela Rinong, Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games. Photo from

Pandelela and Mun Yee’s dive fails them at London 2012

Malaysia’s hope of securing a medal from the Women’s 10m Synchronize diving finals dipped when both Leong Mun Yee and Pandelela Rinong was placed seventh in an event dominated by Chinese divers.

The Malaysian divers started brilliantly but soon found other divers gaining better points as the rounds progressed with the Chinese divers leading the pack from round one.

Both Pandelela and Mun Yee only managed to secure 308.52 points, which is above 50 points from the top diving pair for the event which scored 368.40 points.



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  1. Oh my Maths….is it 50 points or 60 points? Better get Maths teacher to check.