May 2012 – Cutebun

If you are looking for a blog which features lots of large clear photos, then visit our blog of the month May.

The blog layout is simple, preferring to focus on one image per entry on the index page, but navigation around the blog is easy as everything is neatly placed.  The blog is one of the most updated, and trips and travels around the world filling it.  Apart from that, you also have some lomography tips and tricks, with a good addition of personal rants, hence making this blog varied in many ways.  For those preferring less words, and more photos, this blog will delight you as the photos in this blog is indeed abundant.

So what do you get in the Cutebun?

What we love about this blog is it’s simplicity.  A photo is accompanied by a short description of what is happening, hence making it easy to understand, and hence making it very easy to read.  On top of that, you’d also notice that entries are updated very frequently with the blogger being enticed with lomography and photography.

With simplicity as the main attraction to this blog, we are proud to introduce Cutebun as the blog of the month of May 2012. Congratulations!



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Loves gadgets and staying up-to-date with technology trends and social media. Sometimes reviews gadgets and telco packages because he has nothing else better to do.

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