Man claiming he will cut his genitals if Pandelela wins asked to own up

Man claiming he will cut his genitals if Pandelela wins asked to own up

A Facebook user known as Johari Pain, is now being pursued online by social media users for his remarks on Facebook that he will cut his genitals shall Pandelela win a medal at the Olympics.

Johari’s remarks were not taken lightly by social media users particularly those from Sarawak as they felt it was an insult to the diving star.

A famous twitter user from Kuching @dabushkamarudin tweeted “Dear Johari Pain. Please make it fast, kerat lah kote mu. Sincerely, We Malaysian are waiting.” Another twitter user @shahrimtamrin tweeted “i think government should organise ‘himpunan sejuta belia’ to witness a guy ‘honorable act’ — “Janji Ditepati, Janji Dikerati Johari Pain”

To add in the merriment, a Facebook page known as “Johari pain Cpat Kerat Kote Pandalela bawa Blik Pingat” (Please cut your genitals Johari Pain because Pandelela is bringing home a medal) was also created to ask Johari to fulfill his promise, with the hastag #Janjidikerati going viral in Sarawak.

The Facebook page has since gained 1,246 LIKES at 830AM, 10 August.



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