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Improvements for Kampung Sandong and Kampung Sudat

Residents of Kampung Sandong will see the road linking their village upgraded with funds totalling RM180,000 being used for the project.

The upgrade of the 600-metre road commenced on April 23, and is scheduled for completion by June 4

The predominantly Malay populated Kampung Sandong has about 86 households with 470 residents.

Kampung Sudat which is located a few kilometres from Kampung Sandong also received an upgrade for drainage system as RM300,000 has been allocated to improve a 470 metres long drainage system.

Works on the drain started on April 23 and it is expected to be completed by August this year. Kampung Sudat has about 100 households with 500 residents.

Both villages are under the jurisdiction of the Padawan Municipal Council (MPP)



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