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Felda United 0-1 Sarawak: Epalle end Crocs winless streak

Joel Epalle became an instant hero when he scored Sarawak’s winning goal in an exciting match at Stadium Hang Jebat, Melaka.

The game started aggressive with Sarawak showing great urgency to end their four match losing streak. They came close to breaking the deadlock when Epalle pushed a through ball to Azizan Baba whom made no mistake to slot in the goal.

However, the goal didn’t stand as the referee was quick to rule the goal as offside,hence making the score still 0-0.

Sarawak move harder into the Felda United’s halve, but sturdy defending by the home side ensured Sarawak’s attacks were well contained.

In the dying minutes of the half time, Epalle finally changed the scoreboard when he tucked in Sarawak’s first and only goal of the game to put his team one goal ahead at the breather.

The second half of the game saw Felda United trying to dictate the pace of the game. Nonetheless, Sarawak proved to be the more determined side as they started moving deeper into the home side’s final third, hence resulting in Felda United players resorting to hard tackles to disrupt the Sarawak game play.

Sarawak almost doubled their goal tally but Guy Bwele was quick to balloon away a freekick.

With Sarawak looking good for the win, Felda United changed their tactics to include three strikers. Nonetheless, their effort was indeed futile as the match ended with the results favouring the visiting team, Sarawak.

Final score: Felda United 0-1 Sarawak



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