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Crocs penalized heavily for crowd disturbance

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has penalized the Sarawak Football Association (FAS) with the heaviest fine for crowd trouble in the Malaysian Super League (MSL) this year.

Despite that, FAM stressed that the amount is minimal, and hoped that the penalty will be the last warning for FAS whom they claimed failed to control their home crowd.  They also added that FAS was not allowed to appeal the decision due to the fact that they felt the fine was at it minimum.

The disturbance which occurred during the end of the Sarawak versus Lions XII game saw some 2,000 fans gather in search for the referee whom they deemed as biased towards the team based in Singapore.

FAS was ordered to pay RM29,500 as fine for crowd trouble, while Sarawak assistant coach Farhan Abdullah was suspended for eight matches and fined Rm4,000 due to violent conduct against the match referee.

Also suspended was Sarawak captain Hairol Mokhtar whom will serve a three match suspension and was ordered to pay RM2,000 for arguing with the referee after the intense match.

Sarawak FA has since appealed to their fans to keep calm during games, and the police presence has been heavy in the match against Kedah.



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  1. Whoaaa! That’s really a huge amount of fine! But I dislike the fact that they closed the stadium entrance on half time. I couldn’t go out and drink my beer. =(