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Xiaomi Mi 3 gets new updates. Should you upgrade?

Mi3 Update

If you are using the Xiaomi Mi 3, you will know that there’s a notification prompting you to upgrade your ... Read More »

Hooray!! WhatsApp is now on the web!

WhatsApp Web

Bet you have heard the news. Popular messaging (or sharing) app WhatsApp is now on your web browser, or rather ... Read More »

‘Is this your photo’ malware attacks via SMS


The Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission has last week released a warning to smart phone users in regards to the ... Read More »

How to edit your caption on Instagram

Instagram edit 2

Had a typo when you have already posted up an awesome photo on Instagram but you do not want to ... Read More »

Free MS Office yo! Grab it before it’s too late!


Microsoft Office, known also as MS Office to some is well used across the globe. It’s so popular that regardless ... Read More »

WhatsApp’s latest update means there’s no escape


If you have not noticed, WhatsApp will now show when your message is read by showing two light blue ticks. ... Read More »

I love the new FB feature for pages


If you own a Facebook page like I do, then this new feature by Facebook will be very handy. We ... Read More »

Five features we hope Instagram would introduce


Instagram is a powerful app, and many have embraced it and loved it with some, including myself saying that it ... Read More »

Malaysian gov will block FB if requested


The Malaysian government has said that it will block Facebook is the public request such move. Such announcement was made ... Read More »

New app to enhance effectiveness of Astro Tutor TV UPSR

Astro Ibuddy

Astro is planning to roll out a new app for their highly popular Astro Tutor TV UPSR to increase the effectiveness in ... Read More »

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