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MyTeksi offers RM7 discount in Kuching and other cities


MyTeksi celebrates April Fool’s Day by offering all MyTeksi users unlimited RM7 discount on all rides booked using the app from anywhere in Klang Valley, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Johor Bahru and Kuching. The promotion starts on April 1, and runs for one week until April 7, 2014. “This isn’t your typical April Fool’s Day. No pranks, no jokes. We wanted everyone ... Read More »

MH370 links may be harmful – MCMC


The Malaysia Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has advised the public about internet links to MH370 which could risk computer users to malicious software (malware). According to techblog Amanz, irresponsible individuals whom are riding on the popularity of the mystery of MH370 are suspected to be behind the links. MCMC has therefore adviced the public to be extra careful when ... Read More »

Aplikasi My Teksi tiba di Kuching

My Taxi

Aplikasi Android dan iPhone My Taksi yang popular di Putrajaya, Cyberjaya dan Johor Bahru telah akhirnya dikembangkan penggunaannya di Bandaraya Kuching. My Taksi yang dikeluarkan 20 bulan yang lalu telah mendapat perhatian ramai kerana ianya membolehkan para pengguna menempah teksi dengan mudah. Menurut akhbar Borneo Post, aplikasi itu kini dalam peringkat pengujian Beta. Kemasukan aplikasi ini di Kuching diharapkan mampu ... Read More »

UNIMAS lancar aplikasi rasmi Android pertama


Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) telah hari ini melancarkan aplikasi Andoid rasmi pertama universiti berkenaan. Aplikasi yang boleh didapati di Google Play turut dikenali sebagai ‘UNIMAS Early Edition’. Menurut laman blog, aplikasi yang boleh digunakan pada perisian Android 4.0 ke atas ini, membenarkan penggunanya mendapat maklumat terkini berkenaan universiti berkenaan melalui kaedah ‘push notification’.  Ianya juga turut mengintegrasikan kalender telefon ... Read More »

Having an ‘official FB account’ is wrong in Sarawak


The Borneo Post reported that Sarawak State civil servants are not allowed to have official Facebook accounts and those violating the order would face disciplinary action. State Secretary Tan Sri Datuk Amar Mohd Morshidi Abdul Ghani stressed that the Sarawak State General Orders prohibit anyone in the civil service from having official Facebook accounts. “Under our General Orders, government servants ... Read More »

TM Kuching meets social media users

TM Meets bloggers

TM Kuching today invited several social media users to a private Buka Puasa event at a local restaurant in Kuching. The event which was done to strengthen then bond between TM and social media users in the capital city was light and fun filled with both sides sharing jokes and experiences about TM’s products. Aside from TM, the event was ... Read More »

#TwtUpSungkey canceled, but organizers plan more for Kuching!

Sarawak Bloggers at TwtUpSUNGKEY 2012 KUCHING

Organizers of Tweet-Up Sungkey (#twtupSungkey) have confirmed that their event which is scheduled this coming Sunday (4th August 2013) has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. According to Fazli Taufek, who is one of the organizing committee, there are plans to change #TwtUpSungkey to #TwtUpRaya, in which the later would be held after Hari Raya. #TwtUpSungkey which was suppose to ... Read More »

#TwtUpKCH 2012 wins ‘Best Social Media Gathering” Award

DiGi WWWOW Awards winner 2013

A social media event gathering organized by Sarawak Bloggers Society has won the ‘Best Social Media Gathering’ Award for 2013 in the recently concluded DiGi WWWOW Awards. The event, known as Tweet-Up Kuching or #TwtUpKCH beat several notable other social media gatherings listed, including the likes of last year’s #TwtUpKaseh and ‘Duduk Diam untuk Gaza’. According to Chairman of Sarawak ... Read More »

LAHAD DATU – Sulu Princess joins twitter to engage ‘cyber war’

THE SUN – The daughter of Sulu chieftain Jamalul Kiram III, Jacel Kiram, has taken her father’s “battle” for Sabah to cyberspace, going up against Malaysian “keyboard warriors” on micro-blogging site, Twitter. Philippine’s news portal GMANews Online yesterday reported that just one day after opening her Twitter account, @jacelkiram, the self-styled “princess” was engaged in a debate over her father’s ... Read More »

#OpsBunga begins in Kuching

Flowers are slowly getting laid down in the Warriors Memorial Sarawak here in Kuching as Sarawakians, particularly those in Kuching start putting flowers near the memorial as a sign of peace and support for their brothers in Sabah. According to tweets by Sarawak Bloggers (@swkblogs) which are the voluntary coordinator for Kuching, no one will be waiting around the memorial ... Read More »

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