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STB host another round of Sarawak Bloggers at RWMF 2014

Sarawak Bloggers RWMF 2014

The massive yearly event of the Malaysian music calander year, the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), saw eight bloggers under ... Read More »

Miri Bloggers dance and party to the sweet sounds of Jazz

Miri Bloggers at BJF 2014

The Miri branch of the Sarawak Bloggers were given the privilege to cover the Borneo Jazz Festival last weekend, the ... Read More »

What’s so great about BB Bunkers, Damai Central & Escobar?

BB Bunkers, Damai Central, Damai Beach, Escobar 117

An hour drive from Kuching City to the nearest seaside in Kuching would bring you to the ever popular Damai ... Read More »

Olympus introduces new OM-D line to Kuching

Olympus introduction

Olympus took the opportunity to introduce a new line of their OM-D amazing camera models last Sunday with Robin Wong, ... Read More »

Sarawak Bloggers rep flown to check out Hitz Birthday Invasion KL!

Chester See

Last weekend, two bloggers from the Sarawak Bloggers was flown in specially to Kuala Lumpur to experience the KL Hitz ... Read More »

The Raintree restaurant treats bloggers


The unique Raintree Restaurant housed in BCCK last week treated some ten bloggers from the Sarawak Bloggers at their restaurant. ... Read More »

Sept 2013 Featured Blog:

Sept 2013 featured

A dose of good writing/post, beautiful and neat layout, and constant updates make this blog by K-Rule our featured blog ... Read More »

August 2013 Featured Blog –


It seems our featured blogs are dominated by one gender lately as we bring you yet another blog from the ... Read More »

TM Kuching meets social media users

TM Meets bloggers

TM Kuching today invited several social media users to a private Buka Puasa event at a local restaurant in Kuching. ... Read More »

Sarawak Bloggers attend BCCK Ramadhan buffet 2013

BCCK Ramadhan buffet 059

Members of the Sarawak Bloggers were yet again invited to get a taste of the fantastic selection available at this ... Read More »

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