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Sponsored video: Toyota Hybrid innovation unimaginable and impossible

Toyota - Car FCV

When it comes to domestic import vehicles, the brand Toyota has always been perceived as being a step ahead of ... Read More »

Pos Malaysia to halts packages containing lithium batteries and smartphones to East Malaysia

Pos Malaysia

Bad news for online shoppers in Sabah and Sarawak as Pos Malaysia, Malaysia’s biggest courier and also national mail service, ... Read More »

Maxis first to brings the iPhone 6 to Malaysia [Updated]

iPhone 6

Maxis Berhad today announced it will offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the biggest advancements in iPhone history, beginning ... Read More »

Researchers have developed a battery that last 20 years


Enough already, just take our money and give us the battery because a battery which can last for 20 years ... Read More »

Win an Apple TV 3 and more through a simple photo contest

UnoTelly Contest

Remember Unotelly, which is sort-of-like a VPN service which I reviewed a few months back? Well, here’s some good new ... Read More »

Dracula Untold might be banned soon!

dracula untold hires 2

Word has got out that the fictional ‘Dracula Untold’ movie which I said gave ‘Dracula’ a fresh twist, and is currently playing in ... Read More »

Altel’s internet speed performance in Kuching impressive


Altel may have been noticed in Kuching lately, but many are still skeptical about how good is this new Mobile ... Read More »

Exabytes starts bloggers club. Offers domains at RM5!


Exabytes has decided to grow themselves a bloggers community, and they call it rightfully as the “Exabytes Blogger Club“. According ... Read More »

Apple iPad Air 2 expected to be unveiled this 16 October


Of course this is not breaking news, but if you didn’t know, Apple is rumored to be ready to announce ... Read More »

Bloggers say Asia Music Fest 2014 rocks!

tree planting, sarawak blogges

Sarawak Bloggers covering the Asia Music Festival (AsiaMF2014) for the second time gave the new music festival a good thumbs ... Read More »

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