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SPONSORED POST: Why J. Lo’s The Boy Next Door thriller is for you!


In all of the movies I’ve watched featuring Jennifer Lopez, popularly known as J. Lo, there is a huge amount ... Read More »

SPONSORED VIDEO: Harith Iskandar pranks someone with stink

Ambi Pur

Recently, Ambi Pur, a renowned brand for car fragrances (and also office/home fragrances) decided to prank someone by showcasing the ... Read More »

Bidayuh band ‘Madeeh’ perform at international music event WOMEX

Madeeh at WOMEX 1

The Bidayuh traditional music band from Sarawak, Madeeh have been hand-picked to represent Malaysia at the 20th anniversary of WOMEX, ... Read More »

Dracula Untold might be banned soon!

dracula untold hires 2

Word has got out that the fictional ‘Dracula Untold’ movie which I said gave ‘Dracula’ a fresh twist, and is currently playing in ... Read More »

Sponsored video: What happens when Coca Cola thinks ‘Boss’ is not enough


We tend to call anyone we meet with nicknames because it’s not only easier to remember, but also faster than ... Read More »

Sponsored post: Dracula Untold – a fresh dimension of the legend

dracula untold hires 2

If you are tired of vampires being linked with romance (like I am), then perhaps you should consider catching the ... Read More »

Free shuttle service for this weekend’s AMF!

V.Star from Korea AMF 2013

Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club, the venue of Asia Music Festival will offer free shuttle bus service to the ... Read More »

DJ Roundhead to have special gig at AMF 2014

DJ Roundhead 1

The Asia Music Festival will be featuring DJ gig for the first time this year by adding the Malaysian famous ... Read More »

More hip hop artist to perform at AMF 2014

Masia One (Singapore) 2

Asia Music Festival is back for the 2nd year running and this edition will present to you Female Rapper from ... Read More »

Made in Sarawak, Hafiz music video, debuts tomorrow

Hafiz, matahari, video clip

Hafiz Suip, Sarawakian born multi-award singer has chosen to film his latest single “Matahari” back home in Kuching recently featuring ... Read More »

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