Bus Operators Reject Kuching Sentral

Bus Operators Reject Kuching Sentral

Kuching Sentral might just be another ‘white elephant’ project after numerous bus operators in the state refuse to move into the new terminal.

A report on The Borneo Post cited that the operators feel that the design is poor, and they fear of high rental cost.  Another reason was the lack of parking bays for the buses.

The report also suggest that bus companies are seeking to have the design reviewed despite Kuching Sentral already at its final stages of completion.

Kuching Sentral was suppose to be Sarawak’s largest integrated public transport facility linking bus and taxi services. It is located some 5 minutes from the Kuching International Airport, and boast of state of the art facilities.



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  1. What good is a bus station if no bus companies will run out of it? It’s just another mall.

  2. How I wish those bus operators move to Kuching Sentral. What a waste that is.

  3. Kuching Sentral should pay to the Bus Co Association for bringing customers to the Mall. At the very least this can be passed down to bus users. They can charge luxury coaches more to be fair.

    This is malicious virulent and greed capitalism!

  4. So Assar is involved in the project. Some time ago, Chairman of Muslim Welfare trust smthng Bujang Nor wanted to get Muslim Cemetary in Jln Kretapi for property devlpment. He’s also Assar Chairman. He and that Taib sister. These people stop at nothing !!!

    Swakians should use their will and kick the politics masters out this GE13

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