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Exciting Sarawak tour packages at MATTA 2014

STB at Matta Fair 2014

Sarawak Tourism Board in collaboration with the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) Sarawak Chapter has introduced a new travel packages to attract more tourists to this eastern state of Malaysia. The new packages includes in the latest “Kayo-Kayo Sarawak Packages” launched at Sarawak Pavilion of MATTA Fair 2014 held today at PWTC. The new packages ranges from ... Read More »

Aplikasi My Teksi tiba di Kuching

My Taxi

Aplikasi Android dan iPhone My Taksi yang popular di Putrajaya, Cyberjaya dan Johor Bahru telah akhirnya dikembangkan penggunaannya di Bandaraya Kuching. My Taksi yang dikeluarkan 20 bulan yang lalu telah mendapat perhatian ramai kerana ianya membolehkan para pengguna menempah teksi dengan mudah. Menurut akhbar Borneo Post, aplikasi itu kini dalam peringkat pengujian Beta. Kemasukan aplikasi ini di Kuching diharapkan mampu ... Read More »

What’s so great about BB Bunkers, Damai Central & Escobar?

BB Bunkers, Damai Central, Damai Beach, Escobar 117

An hour drive from Kuching City to the nearest seaside in Kuching would bring you to the ever popular Damai bay. The place gained prominence after it hosted the world popular Rainforest World Music Festival, which isn’t exactly held at the beach, but rather at the award winning Sarawak Cultural Village. The popularity of the festival, coupled with the fact ... Read More »

adidas Originals Presents ZX Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

adidas Originals Presents ZX Spring Summer 2014 Collection

Following the success of court classics of the 1970s that struck a chord with both athletes and style-conscious casuals –
a new breed of style icons were emerging. With running quickly entering the global stage, a new formula was needed to bring optimum performance to a brand new game, heralding in a brand new age of athletic footwear. In 1984, the ... Read More »

Promising start for Sarawak tourism promo in Bandung

Sarawak, tourism, bandung, promotion

Sarawak Tourism promotion in Bandung Indonesia took a new turn today when two Sarawak tourism operators, a private hospital, Sarawak Cultural Village and three hotels held the first business session with Bandung agents this morning in the city. Coordinated jointly by the Sarawak Tourism Board and Express Air Indonesia, the two hour mini travel mart was attended by more than ... Read More »

UNIMAS lancar aplikasi rasmi Android pertama


Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) telah hari ini melancarkan aplikasi Andoid rasmi pertama universiti berkenaan. Aplikasi yang boleh didapati di Google Play turut dikenali sebagai ‘UNIMAS Early Edition’. Menurut laman blog, aplikasi yang boleh digunakan pada perisian Android 4.0 ke atas ini, membenarkan penggunanya mendapat maklumat terkini berkenaan universiti berkenaan melalui kaedah ‘push notification’.  Ianya juga turut mengintegrasikan kalender telefon ... Read More »

Review of Motorola G in Malaysia


Motorola G (Moto G) is Motorola Mobility’s second phone since the company was bought by Google Inc. It may also be the last smartphone produced by Motorola under Google since the Motorola Mobility was sold off to Lenovo a week ago. Today, we got hold of this mid-range phone, and was immediately impressed by how it was designed and how ... Read More »

Google sells Motorola G to Lenovo

Moto X

Google has sold struggling US mobile phone company Motorola Mobility to Chinese computer maker Lenovo for USD2.91bn, in a surprise move. Google had paid USD12.5bn for the company less than two years ago. Lenovo plans to build up its smartphone unit through the Motorola purchase, which may help offset its slowing personal computer business. However, Google will keep the majority ... Read More »

Line-up for Borneo Jazz 2014 announced

Vocal Sampling - Cuba2

Borneo Jazz has announced its lineup for 2014. The annual jazz festival, now in its 9th year, will be held in Miri, Sarawak from the 9th to 10th May. The impressive lineup this year includes ands who have really made it big in the jazz world of music. This is in line with year of ‘double celebration’, the Visit Malaysia ... Read More »

Chris Evert named the Legend Ambassador for the WTA Championships in Singapore

Christ Evert

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) announced today that Chris Evert has been named the Legend Ambassador for the WTA Championships in Singapore. Evert will support and promote the “Road To Singapore”, a season-long campaign which will see the WTA stars through their journey from the beginning of the year to its culmination during the season-ending WTA Championships in Singapore. For ... Read More »

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