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Sarawak Bloggers News Tribune, or better known as SarawakBloggers.NeT is an independent portal, and blog dedicated to provide unbiased news on happenings (including politics, court cases, incidents etc) highly concerning Sarawak, with some national (Malaysia) and international news also featured.  In some cases, the news and information obtained in this portal will be biased towards Sarawak, Malaysia.

The project was started in January 2012 in which news featured on SarawakBloggers.NeT will be obtained from numerous sources online, with some original content also produced by Sarawak Bloggers themselves.

Editors of SarawakBloggers.NeT at their very best try to ensure every news at this portal is accurate and correct.  However, with some sources of news coming from third party sites, the editors will not be held responsible for any news which causes any sort of damages to the readers.  Readers of SarawakBloggers.NeT are therefore advised to read at your own risk.

SarawakBloggers.NeT was made to support the Sarawak Bloggers Society (swkblogs), but it must be stressed that this site is fully owned by Cyril Dason, and is considered a private blog/website.

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