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SarawakBloggersNet, or better known as SarawakBloggers.NeT is an independent portal, and blog dedicated to provide news on technology, gadgets, software, lifestyle, travel, sports while at the same time highlighting bloggers activities.

The project was started in January 2012 in which news featured on SarawakBloggers.NeT focused more on current updates than technology.

In 2014, the whole blog was restructured to focus more on three elements namely bloggers activity, technology (only selected gadgets) and travel and lifestyle (events).

SarawakBloggers.NeT was made to support the Sarawak Bloggers Society (swkblogs), but it must be stressed that this site is fully owned by Cyril Dason, and is considered a private blog/website.

To engage the owner, kindly go to the contact form.

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